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Company information:

At iQmetrix, we are passionate about retail. Our purpose is to create great experiences for retailers, their employees and the end consumer. Our products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering the latest in retail management and customer experience technology. Digital Signage and Endless Aisle bring elements of online and mobile shopping experiences into the physical store to engage and educate shoppers during the purchase process. RQ Retail Management is a complete system for managing all aspects of a store chain operation, including POS, CRM, Inventory and HR. When integrated specifically for wireless retailers, our products allow users to effectively manage back-of-house operations and the in-store customer experience. Founded in 1999, iQmetrix is a privately-held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

Product information:

RQ is a comprehensive, integrated and real-time software solution designed for retailers. RQ has modular tools and features such as POS, Customer Relationship Management, HR and Inventory Management to help all staff deliver great customer experiences across all touch points, which in turn increase sales. Streamlined and intuitive processes, including Inventory Management, Reconciliation and iQmanager, help staff carry out tasks efficiently and motivate them to exceed performance goals, which leads to decreased costs. RQ also has powerful reporting and analytics which provide high-level overviews, in-depth details, store-level stats and corporate numbers for making better, faster decision to grow the business.

RQmobile is an iOS app that combines RQ sales and inventory functionality on one device. With RQmobile, sales reps can provide convenient and personalized customer service and reduce wait time to enhance the customer experience. Streamlined inventory management processes eliminate errors and time consuming re-counts, even with interruption. RQmobile also allows retailers to complete sales faster to prevent walk-outs and increase revenue as well as reduces cost from theft and shrinkage which ultimately, improves your bottom line.

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Madison Dufault
Events Coordinator
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