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Yehudah Greenberg

Yehudah Greenberg

Global Head, Insurance & Dropship, PCS Wireless

A seasoned business leader, in 2019 joined PCS Wireless and leads the Insurance and Swap Program Globally in addition to a drop ship solution designed for Master Dealer's, MVNO's and Carriers to eliminate inventory risk and seamlessly add margin. Swap is a global mobile device replacement solution for Insurers, Carriers, and Retailers, that helps to eliminate supply chain inefficiencies while adding value and convenience for consumers.

Prior to joining PCS, Yehudah founded and operated a unique data driven real estate firm with about a dozen employees during this time, selling a broad range of assets from complex regulatory deals in the Bronx and Brooklyn to leasing high end retail in Hudson Yards and across Manhattan; to factories and warehouses in Brooklyn; to supportive housing deals and master leases. Yehudah is also an equity investor in office and age restricted communities in New York, New Jersey, White Plains, Atlanta, and Pennsylvania.