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Shay Kripalani

Shay Kripalani

CEO, Injured Gadgets

Aakshay Kripalani currently resides in Norcross, Ga., with his amazing wife Lavi, two beautiful daughters, and canine kid. He has served as CEO of Injured Gadgets since 2008. Prior to his involvement with the company, he also owned an online marketing firm as well as numerous social media outlets. In addition, he has extensive experience in web development, advertising, logistics management and finance. Shay entered the wireless repair industry by selling parts online from his garage through eBay and craigslist. With almost a decade in the repair industry, he has real-life business experience and knowledge of the repair world and is always an open book when it comes to sharing ideas and his expertise. As a team, Injured Gadgets consistently strives to be the most credible and constant source of knowledge and parts for the mobile repair world. For fun he enjoys flipping real estate, reading wikipedia articles, and playing with his little girls.