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Robert Paswater

Robert Paswater

President, Telcorp International

Robert Paswater is the President and Founder of Telcorp International, founded in 1979 to the present. Telcorp International is a master agency, and Robert is a co-founder of TSX, a group of 8 master agents that share each others contracts and expertise. We have direct agreements with more than 350 telecom providers worldwide. In the early 1990’s, Telcorp International was one of the largest pre-paid calling card agencies, with agents selling tens of millions of pre-paid call cards. Telcorp International then became a leader in selling residential long distance services to associations with millions of members.

Since those early days, Robert Paswater has become a leader in a number of fields, some outside of the traditional telecommunication industry. He serves as a consultant for a multi-billion dollar telecom company that has developed a major cryptocurrency that can be used through merchant processors in 3-seconds or less. In addition, Telcorp International offers a worldwide TV network, that provides programming around the world at very low prices. Robert has been a leader in the medical field during these past two years of the covid-19 pandemic. We offer a sanitizer that last for 14-days on a surface and continues to kill all viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It is used by several major USA military agencies. In addition, we have a hand sanitizer that kills all pathogens on the hands for 8-hours.

Robert has attended the All Wireless Show and Pre-paid Expo for many years, since the 1990’s, missing very few of these meetings. He shares the industry concerns for cutting edge products that can continue to make all of our companies successful in this changing world.