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Louis Rossmann

Louis Rossmann

Founder, Rossmann Repair Group & Right to Repair Advocate

Louis Rossmann is an independent repair technician who runs Rossman Repair Group, a New York based laptop repair store. He has specialized in logic board-level repair of MacBooks since 2007. His deft board level repairs are featured on and Vimeo and YouTube, where he has garnered a following of over 1.5 million subscribers. His encounters with Apple, notoriously hostile to non-affiliated independent repair shops, have made Rossman a leading advocate for Right to Repair. To fund the often expensive legislative battles, he has started a 501(c)4 nonprofit called Preservation Group Action Fund which seeks to get Right to Repair legislation passed through a direct ballot initiative. His GO FUND ME campaign, Let’s get right to repair passed, (, has so far raised over $740,000.

Rossman’s wildly popular YouTube channel featuring his death-defying repairs, often live-streamed, also includes tutorials on life, business practices, and real estate in addition to right to repair issues.