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Ahmed Abusharbain

Ahmed Abusharbain

CEO, Unlimited Prepay Distribution

I am the CEO of Unlimited Prepay Distribution & UPPLUCK LLC which means I am a marketing and small business development pioneer. Over the past 20 years, I have been carving out roles in the wireless industry for other small businesses. Through mentorship and coaching of entrepreneurs, I help turn what is a good business into a great business.

There has been a lack of aggressive marketing tactics in the wireless industry—— almost a laziness or fear. Well no more! I believe that your brand should be just as visible as Coca-Cola and I want to help you reach this goal. From my point of view, marketing for the wireless industry has gone from hardly any customers back in 1998 to now thousands of customers. To be honest, this is because I consistently stay on brand with the current marketing trends. I support my clients all while promoting a culture that reflects the organization’s values. I have enthusiasm, and take pride in my work every day because I have to show my team the attitude, grit, and commitment it takes to succeed in a growing industry.

Together with my team, we are at the forefront of Digital Marketing for wireless retail. We are constantly incorporating unrivaled, industry specific frameworks and methods that are disrupting the "standard" approach of business.The benefits of these frameworks I have innovated are unquestionable and yet I am always open to exploring new channels and concepts if it means growth.