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Company information:

Arcade is the #1 Performance Engagement solution for wireless retailers that improves new box sales and service productivity across teams using gamification. Our solution connects with your store's systems to transform KPIs and business goals into real-time gamified incentives, that drive motivation, recognition, and performance within your teams.

Product information:

The Arcade gamification platform fuels retail sales performance by applying game mechanics to the retail setting.

Accelerate performance in 4 easy steps:

1. Connect your data, set your goals and go live
- Align success-driving behaviors
- Experience real-time results and ROI
- Access intelligent benchmarking

2. Get the app
- Employees access Arcade through the mobile app + connected
communication channels

3. Earn tokens
- Employees are motivated to win tokens through contests and micro-
incentives as they complete daily goals and tasks

4. Spend on rewards
- When employees have earned enough tokens they can cash in for instant
rewards from 1,000s of top brands

How it works:

Gamified Incentives
- Increase new box sales, accessory sales and in-store conversions
- Create healthy competition across all locations
- Incentivize mid-performer improvement
- Run different games with multiple game modes
- Games auto-update scores as employees work

Streamlined Communication
- Improve communication across teams and locations
- Create an unbeatable company culture
- Keep everyone updated and focused on the right goals
- Create private conversations between managers and staff through chat
- Employee access is automatically managed in each chat group
- Share any file type, photos, gifs and videos with your team

Recognition and Community
- Peer-to-peer recognition that improves company culture
- Lower incentive costs with non-monetary incentives
- Enrich employee performance review with deep insights

Exciting Rewards
- Instant gratification with real-time reward delivery
- Chance-based prizes that increase engagement
- Choice of 1,000's of prizes

Tokens and Micro-Incentives
- Tokens are pre-purchased and are used to redeem prizes
- 100% control over tokens with detailed reporting and award options
- Employees cash tokens in for rewards - in-store or online

Contact information:

7700 Windrose Ave
Plano, TX 75024
PH: 972-474-3803


Arcade Raises $4.5 Million Growth Seed Round to Transform Sales Performance

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