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Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit at

When it comes to marketing prepaid and wireless services at the consumer level, attendees need to know what you have to offer, and why you are the right company for them. All Wireless & Prepaid Expo bridges all sectors of the wireless industry, and all players within each sector.

Don’t miss your opportunity to reach key prospects you will not reach at any other event!


In addition to being the most focused industry event for prepaid and wireless services, some benefits of exhibiting include:

  • Network with customers across all wireless distribution channels
  • Conduct face-to-face business with new prospects
  • Reach prospects you cannot reach via any other medium
  • Discounted rates for early sign ups
  • Free admission to high level conference sessions
  • Virtual booth on through January ‘22
  • Media and PR campaigns across all industry sectors
  • Continual event exposure on
  • Social media marketing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Print and online advertising in various consumer publications

Meet attendees you can’t find anywhere else!

Distributors & Retailers Attendee Snapshot

“While other wireless trade shows can be a chaotic frenzy, the All Wireless and Prepaid Expo has filtered out the noise to bring the perfect balance for exhibitors and attendees.”

SKYLAR EVANS, Director of Marketing,

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