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Company information:

Born out of the Wireless Retail echo system, ReBiz has evolved to be a customizable solution to the most obvious and ongoing questions as a business…how can I grow my revenue and decrease my overhead?
Do you know what Time Clock Theft is? We have a solution for this and many other difficult to mitigate ways our clients lose money. As previous Wireless Retail owners, ReBiz identifies areas of opportunity to improve the way we measure employee performance, monitor employee behaviors and audit the overall sales and operations of the business. Simply stated, our unmatched business intelligence allows you grow your revenues by increasing employee performance while operationally our traffic measuring platform enables retailers to keep more of the revenues than ever before!
Despite Wireless Retail being our genesis, our ability to modify the products to fit customer needs and create new products that increase revenues and reduce overhead.

Product information:

DataCam - On average, our traffic measuring method is 116% more accurate than traditional methods. Once that data is crashed against sales data we provide conversion data at the individual employee level. Using this innovative conversion information alongside our precise traffic data will allow you to staff in line with your traffic data accurately and empower you to align your highest converting employees with shifts that see the highest volume of customers.... Maximizing your sale opportunities!

Employee Monitoring – Do you want to mitigate Time Clock Theft and verify employee activity? Our camera analytics enable us to identify individual employees and monitor behaviors. We then provide reporting for time on camera by employee, by location, and exceptions for clock in/out fraud. We can also customize other exceptions such as uniform violations, bathroom checks, anything you want!

Loss Prevention – Partner with us to customize your workflow, then define what transactions qualify as exceptions (transaction without customer in stores, cash refunds, transactions completed by someone other than the employee on the invoice) and begin receiving daily exception reporting alongside video clips of those transactions to reduce your losses on inventory, cash and time clock theft!

Contact information:

Blake Cundiff
Director of Business Development
1925 St. Clair Ave NE
Cleveland, OH 44114
PH: 3142023312