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Mark Landiak

Mark Landiak

President, Corporate Dynamics Inc.

When wireless companies are looking for ways to keep their customers, make more sales and grow their profits, they call Corporate Dynamics Inc.  CDI President, Mark Landiak is a thought leader in the wireless industry and expert on how to drive sales and profitability for wireless companies.  Mark has worked with more wireless companies (small and large) than any other consultant in America.  His 20+ years working with wireless business owners and senior level managers brings a level of expertise second to none. 
Mark is the author of Beat Your Best – A Manager’s Guide to Coaching High Performance, and Customer Service Isn’t a Department…It’s You! – both of which can be found on the bookshelves of a great many business owners and managers.  Mark’s most recent book, “Getting Better,” is the story about the lessons he learned dealing with catastrophic illness over the last 5 years.  Now recovered and back in action, Mark packs a relevant and practical message with an upbeat, engaging and humorous style.  
In addition to a busy training schedule, Mark will act as the CEO the NEW Wireless Business Owners Association.
Mark’s insights have been featured on TV, Radio and in numerous publications and he has been a feature speaker at numerous industry events.
Mark can be reached at and via