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David Dashevsky

David Dashevsky

Department Manager, Sales, Injured Gadgets

David Dashevsky is the department manager for the Injured Gadgets sales team, focusing on client outreach and engagement. He has worked with Injured Gadgets now for over two years, and in his time with the company has taken great steps to building himself as a valuable asset for the business. Moving from finding his own customer accounts, to directing the sales force in developing long-term partnerships with clients, he has pursued a strong passion for the mobile repair industry through his work. Within these two years at Injured Gadgets David has worn many hats, from assisting in marketing campaigns, to technical support for customers, videography, business development strategies, Right to Repair lobbying, and now training their new sales staff in helping provide customers with a better experience. David's personal hobbies outside of Injured Gadgets center around his passion for sound and audio design for video games, as well as rock climbing, photography, and spending time with his friends.