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Product information:

Coolgrips™ brings you the first ever magnet top phone grip. The magnet top phone grip allows you to mount your phone to any magnet or metal surface. Our magnet top allows you to mount your mobile device directly to a refrigerator or you may place the included metal mounting plate to any non magnetic surface. You may also use your magnet top phone grip to mount to your current car mount. The Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip is removable and adjustable to any area of your mounting surface. To remove the Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip, place a thin hard object (i.e credit cards) between the mounted area and the Coolgrips™ magnet phone grip mounting pad and slide between the two surfaces.

Contact information:

Louis Fabec
11422 Reeder Road
Dallas, TX 75229
PH: 4043130071