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Company information:

Baseus Accessories LLC is a consumer based accessory brand focusing on excellent product design, durable materials and a fun experience. By doing so Baseus has met the demand of the tech savvy consumer.
This booming momentum has enabled the company to quickly spread its brand awareness and has become the favorite, goto brand, of many cellphone users around the world.

Product information:

Baseus wireless accessory products are designed by an R&D process that focuses primarily on the end-user experience. This in-depth research and innovative technology, drives the product to the highest standard; at the same time maintaining its practicality. This delicate balance goes into the ever product produced ranging from phone cases, car mounts, chargers, cables and power banks; to speakers, ear-phones, portable vacuums, nightlights, USB/HDMI hubs, fans and screen protectors. Every product comes in a variety of options to meet our customers’ everyday needs.

Contact information:

4340 Lyman Dr.
Hilliard, OH 43026
PH: 877-956-2355