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Company information:

Emida has more than 20 years of experience in delivering electronic payment processing solutions to our partners world-wide with a focus on prepaid mobile recharge and postpaid mobile payments. Emida maintains a presence in 40 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, North America, Asia and the Pacific. Emida has offices in the U.S.A., Colombia and Mexico.

As a global leader in providing software and services for telecom operators, distributors and retailers, Emida prides itself on delivering highly customized and scalable solutions to support the needs and growth of our customers.

Our desire to innovate and customize our technology is borne from the very concept that we are both the creators and the users of our proprietary systems as, in addition to serving customers in dozens of countries, we employ our technology in our own U.S. and Mexican distribution businesses. Emida is constantly focused on innovation and implementing tools that provide a robust and flexible system in the dynamic markets served by our Electronic Recharge & Distribution Management System.

Product information:

Emida is the leading technology solutions provider (TSP) and distributor in the global prepaid wireless and digital payments industries. It provides electronic payment processing, mobile top-up, distribution channel management technology and POS solutions to partners in 40 countries.

• POS Solutions – An array of point-of-sale solutions including “InstaPayTM”, our web-based sales portal.

• Distribution Channel Management – A platform to build and manage distribution channels.

• Customer Experience Management – Tools to measure and improve customer experience.

• Subscriber Intelligence – Access to real-time data on customers’ habits, promotions, products and prices.

Contact information:

Shane Belovsky
27442 Portola Pkwy, Suite 150
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
PH: 800-650-8787

Corporate literature:

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