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Company information:

We’re NUU Mobile – innovative designer and manufacturer of unlocked phones since 2012. We’re an American-based company with global offices in London, Tokyo, Miami, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong and we’ve helped our partners grow all over the world including North and South America, Asia and Europe.

We offer attractive packages for partners of all sizes — including MAP protection, no MOQ, and POS support. Plus, your customers will love our stylish, secure and budget friendly phones with free software updates, 2-year warranties and bilingual tech support.

If you’re looking for simple, practical ways to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction, we can help. A ten minute conversation with our executive team could yield great rewards for your business. So check us out at booth #102 and discover the NUU Mobile difference today!

Product information:

Our products are as diverse as your customers. Whether they’re looking for entry-level devices or premium flagships, you’ll have the perfect product to meet their needs and budgets. All our phones are equipped with dual SIM technology with an amazing 2-year warranty.

Z Series
Designed for power users and tech aficionados, the Z Series offers luxurious components and premium performance that rival flagships that are twice as expensive.

X Series
An elegant fusion of style and tech, this mid-range series’ distinctive metallic alloys and gorgeous HD touchscreens are an elegant blend – perfect for trendsetters and fashionistas.

N Series
These reliable and secure entry-level devices are perfect for kids, seniors, and first-time smartphone users with easy-to-use features that will make them feel tech savvy instantly.

A Series
Quality at an affordable price, the A Series phones are perfect for those who want a smartphone without the heavy price tag. Call, text and take photos with ease with this compact Android™.

F Series
Our classic flip phones are sturdy, reliable, and exceptionally affordable.

Contact information:

NUU Mobile
7640 NW 25th St. Suite 120
Miami, FL 33122
PH: 305-396-3917

Corporate literature:

F1 Flip Phone
Product description and specifications

N4L 5.0" HD Dual LTE SIM
Product description and specifications

N5L 5.5" HD Dual LTE SIM
Product description and specifications

NUU Mobile Manifesto
This is who we are.

X4 Metallic Alloy 5.0" HD Dual LTE SIM
Product description and specifications

Z8 Premium 5.5" HD Dual LTE SIM
Product description and specifications