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Company information:

DollarPhone is a privately held company that operates as a licensed carrier with its own proprietary TDM fiber optic network that spans the entire US and Canada.
Since beginning operations in 1999, DollarPhone has evolved into a company known for its superior product, impeccable quality and very competitive pricing. It is one of the few companies in the telecom industry to have enjoyed consistent revenue and profit growth over the past several years.
DollarPhone’s phenomenal success can be attributed to our unique strategic vision which is based on heavy investment in information systems, tight fiscal discipline and rapid execution.

Product information:

DollarPhone Pinless is a high quality prepaid international calling service that you can use with any phone to call friends and family to any international destination. Unlike calling cards, there are no PINs, no maintenance fees or tricky rates. The fastest growing market for Pinless prepaid long distance services are mobile phone users who need a way to bypass the exorbitant rates for international calls offered by large, incumbent carriers.
DollarPhone Pinless is available through physical calling cards and through our portal. In addition to selling international long distance service on the DollarPhone Pinless portal, the portal also allows retailers the opportunity to recharge domestic and international prepaid cellular phones. We have over 200 mobile carriers from which to choose!
Additionally, the DollarPhone Pinless advanced API is the perfect solution for transaction processors and payment service providers looking to increase their profit from pinless long distance.
Become a DollarPhone Pinless distributor today and take started earning unlimited commissions immediately! Call Jason McBride, SVP of Sales today at 1-888-737-9710 or

Contact information:

DollarPhone / DollarPhone Pinless
Angelica Diaz
Marketing Director
34 Franklin Avenue, Suite 220
Brooklyn, NY 11205
PH: 718-889-1100